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We keep on moving, moving

So is anyone else in shock that it's the end of July on Wednesday? Where did our summer go??

Though, granted, fall brings pumpkin spice lattes back so... who am I kidding. Come on fall!! ;)

We've been up to lots of fun!! Last week, we went to an Isotopes game with the fam. Very fun! Nathan had a complete blast. We didn't get him in bed until after 11 and he did great the whole time.

The bean with the Gammy :)


During the fireworks. Someone was starting to wilt a bit. ;)

Game's over! We can go home!!

 We've been having some moderate success in our garden this year! Yay! Considering we are known about the vegetation world as the people to send a flower to if you want it to die, this is a miracle. Nathan has LOVED getting to pick and eat the veggies. Particularly the "matoes".

With our first zucchini! He woke us up early to go pick it since we made the mistake of telling him the night before that it might be about ready.

Such a silly head.

Walked in and found him like this one night and he just looks SO OLD now. For a long time he still looked like a baby when he slept but apparently no longer. :(

My little Handy Manny helper guy. He's been helping Jon with projects lately which I know he absolutely loves. He always asks Jon if there's work to do. ;)

About to work! Jon let Nathan hold the drill...

And this picture just terrifies me. Plain and simple. TERRIFIES. I will never let him near power tools again. It's gone to his head.

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