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The Days Before

I have so much to catch up on here. Oh my goodness.

Last week, my amazing grandmother came into town and we were SO EXCITED to see her! A lady saw Nathan holding this sign and asked him where his Nama lived and he said, "On the airplane" in a duh-tone of voice. Oh that child.

Nathan was so funny. He about bowled her over when she came through the doors and we had to grab him before he ran past the security border to give her a hug. We have absolutely loved, loved having her here!

Nama and Nathan after lunch at Freddy's!

He started laughing at the table because he'd bitten his roll into "Little Nathan". ;) Ha!

We got our prize at the library for reading books and it was dinosaurs!! It was a happy day in our house.

Cow Appreciation Day was Friday and since we love CFA and we love free food, we thought it would be lots of fun to have a family dinner there. SO FUN. Oh my goodness. It was hilarious to see how everyone dressed up!

My cows with The Cow.

After dinner, we went over to Menchie's for Frozen Yogurt and a firetruck drove up. Nathan was jumping up and down waving at them and two of the firefighters who were just so, so sweet took him over to the fire truck and gave him a little tour.

He got to try on a fire hat and stand on the back.

 And the BEST part....

He got to shoot a stop sign with the water! Ha! Nathan was OVER THE MOON. He has mentioned it every day since then! We were so grateful for the kind firemen!

Reenacting how he shot the sign for everyone. ;)

My tired little cow. ;) What a great way to end his second year!! :)

Birthday Party #1 coming up next! :)

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