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Happy 3rd Birthday, Nathan!

My sweet little son,

How is it possible that I am already writing this letter? I have been looking back through pictures and I just can't even believe that it has already been another year even though all the evidence points that way. Every year seems to go by faster and faster. I am frantically searching for a pause button!

This year was a language EXPLOSION for you! You talk all. the. time. You say the funniest things! You've picked up some very big words that just make us laugh like "delightful". You are very perceptive. You can usually tell someone's mood just by looking at them.

You are so friendly! We have had to have a lot of talks about strangers this year because you honestly believe that every person in the world is your friend. You are very generous and always notice when someone is sad and you always want to help them.

You developed quite the little stubborn/strong will this year and kept me on my toes. There were days where I wasn't sure we would actually both make it to you turning three! I am praying that the worst of the disobedience is behind us because you are already growing up in that area as well.

You are such a character, Nathan. Such a funny, hilarious boy. I am so blessed to have a son who makes me laugh every single day. You honestly say the absolute funniest things. I'm constantly writing them down so I don't forget them. Even after we put you in bed, we still laugh over the silly things you did and said.

You love to eat. Anything and everything! You usually eat more than I do at every meal. You are constantly growing. I've just stopped buying more than one pair of pants and a couple of shorts outfits because you outgrow them before they are even barely used! You are wearing a 4T right now and they are starting to get a little small. You are 35 pounds and 40 inches tall. Big, healthy boy!

You have really developed a love for movies this year. We have fond favorites in the Pixar movies and in Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Handy Manny. You are a million percent boy. You would play sword fight all day long if someone would play with you. You love squirt guns and baseball bats and train sets and Lincoln logs. You love dinosaurs and fire engines and anytime a policeman waves back at you, you are in absolute heaven. You can play for hours by yourself, creating all these imaginary worlds and experiences. It's fun to listen to from the kitchen. :) I hope you always keep your sense of adventure and imagination!

You love to be outside. You live to be outside! You would play out there all day if I would let you. You have a huge love of the pool and have become an amazing swimmer. You swim all over the pool by yourself and you have even started swimming around the shallow end without floaties. You love to dive under the water and get things off the bottom of the pool. You love to do jumps off the diving board and scare your mother to pieces with your little daredevil ways. I had to stop you from trying to do a backflip off the diving board the other day. You want to be just like the big kids. You are usually dressed in your swimsuit before Dad and I are even out of bed on Saturday mornings and begging to go to Gammy and Pops' pool.

You love, love girls. LOVE them. You talk about different girls you know all the time. Sometimes you get stuck on ideas like marriage and you tell me that you will get married next week. I have to remind you frequently that only adults get married. I'm hoping that you'll start to develop a little bit of a "girls are gross" attitude this year. ;)

You had so many moments this year that slowly changed you from a baby to a big boy. You moved to a big boy bed. You started wearing big boy underwear. You carry on conversations like an adult. You love to "do school" and practice your letters and your lines. You could read for two hours if my voice would hold out that long. We recently started reading chapter books together and you will sit forever asking to read another chapter and very engaged in the story. You are two-going-on-fifteen, love. I am so proud of all you've accomplished this year!

You are the joy of my heart, little boy. You are the one I pray for the most. You are the biggest blessing in mine and Dad's life, honey. We cannot imagine our lives without you now.


You are so loved, my sweet boy! You are so surrounded by love and cherished from so many, many people. You are prayed for by so many people! I hope you never forget that or take it for granted. You are precious, son. I am so blessed to be your mom.

I love you so so so soooo so so soooo so so sooo much, my big three year old boy!


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