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Birthday Party Take 2 - Dinosaurs!

Last weekend, we did a dinosaur themed party with a our good friend Joel, who turned 6 four days after Nathan turned 3. So much fun!! I was so busy visiting with people that I totally forgot to take pictures for most of the party, so these are just the highlights (and a lot of these were taken by people who just happened to grab my camera for me!). We had the party at Gammy and Pops' house so everyone could swim. Thanks so much, Mom and Dad!!

Buddies. :) Nathan adores Joel. He's the cool, older kid.

Love the dirt cups my friend Jamie came up with!! She did so much work to make this party super cute!!

Slip N' Slide!!

Sweet kids after blowing out their candles. We had to talk the kids into getting out of Gammy and Pops' pool to come eat dessert. ;)

Love these tired, partied-out boys. :)

We've been busy, busy this week and I'm tired this afternoon!! Looking forward to an evening of lounging around at home in my jammies and watching our new favorite Netflix show - White Collar. Other Netflix watchers - what is your current favorite show???

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