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And finally.... Birthday Party #1

Ack! So sorry for the very, very long blog silence, friends. We have bounced from birthday party to birthday party for the last few weeks - apparently July is a popular month for family and friends to be born! Ha!

So, without further ado, here's Nathan's 3rd birthday party - take one!! :)

We started the day with streamers hung over his door!! :) When he first woke up, he just marched right through them with his eyes half closed but once we started singing "Happy Birthday" he woke up quick and had to run through them several times. Ha! ;)

He already looks older!! :(

Birthday "Frinkled" Doughnuts for the Birthday Boy. :)

Then it was time to head to Chuck E Cheese!! We've never been before with Nathan and he LOVED it. He ran himself completely into the ground here. And it was hilarious because I think his uncles and dad had more fun there than Nathan did. ;) So fun! They all racked up a million tickets for him - he made off with a great prize!! :)

Me and my baby at lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. :)

I can't believe he's three!!

The birthday sundae was a lovely touch to lunch. :)

Then it was time for a quick nap in the car before heading over to Gammy and Pops' for swimming and "sketti" (spaghetti), per the Birthday Boy's instructions. ;)

Silly boys in the pool! :)

Our pirate decor. He was SO stoked about that skull. Ha!

And, as usual, someone got completely spoiled rotten again for his birthday. I'm still in the process of trying to clean out the playroom to make room for the new toys!! Thanks so much, everyone!!

Our Jake pirate cake than Jon and I made at like 11PM the night before. It was worth it. Nathan was ecstatic about it. ;)

Sweet baby. Such a wonderful day! We are so thankful for our amazing family who made the day so special. :)

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