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A week in the life

This week was so busy and fun!

Me and my bean one morning this week messing around with the Photo Booth app on my laptop. Love when he wakes up in a snuggly mood. :)

Found this in the fridge when I was getting stuff out to make dinner this week. Little sneak.

The weekly tradition that cannot be broken - Popsicles in the pool with Pops!

Family fun night!! We spent last Wednesday night just the three of us and ate outside and then played soccer until Nathan's bedtime. SO much fun!

Thursday night we celebrated Caleb's girlfriend Nicole's birthday and the Fourth of July with our dear friends Shannon and Eric. :)

Post-swim firework time!

Well, I have to agree with Starbucks on this one. ;)

Saturday night, Caleb and Nicole came for dinner and brought presents for the soon-to-be-birthday boy since Nicole won't be in town on Saturday. I'll give you one guess at what they got him. ;)

His new Handy Manny watching ensemble. ;) So far, he's built a "birdy house" and a pool for a crocodile. But it's okay, because it's just a baby crocodile so I don't have to be scared of it living in the playroom. ;)

And just in case you were wondering, we're at FIVE DAYS before there is a three year old in my home. SLOW DOWN, Time!!

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