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When Jesus lives in your tummy

Last Friday was National Donut Day. And if there was ever a holiday we will happily support, it's come-get-a-free-donut day. ;)

My boy with his "frinkled" donut.

Me and my Jon. Nathan was very insistent that Jon needed to wear the donut hat just like him.

See his little wrinkled nose? I see this face a hundred times a day usually accompanied by "Oh, Mom...." ha! He's two going on fifteen.

We also went to (what else?) swim this weekend at Gammy and Pops' house. It has been SO hot here - I heard that it was twenty degrees above the normal for this time of year this weekend. Yikes! We were melting so we decided some frozen Cokes would be a nice, cheap treat. ;)

Tired boy. The Coke was the only thing that helped him stay awake in the car on the way to the pool. He slept good last night!

At dinner yesterday, Nathan looked at us and said, "So, Jesus lives in your tummy."

I said, "You mean your heart?"

He said, "Yes. In your heart. And your heart is in your tummy. And if you love Jesus, He comes to live in your tummy and then He lives in your tummy forever. And if you go BANG" - at this point he whacked his arm on the table - "and you break your arm, then Jesus will fix it because Jesus is like Handy Manny."

We have some work to do theologically.

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