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Summer Loving

So blessed to have such wonderful readers. You are amazing. I am praying for each and every one of you!!

It is definitely summer here! A few things we've been up to lately:

Playing in the water! Whether it is our little backyard pool or Gammy and Pops' big pool or the sprinklers at the park, we have spent a LOT of time in the water this summer already.

 Painting! Someone is SUPER into "school" and school-related things, so he always drags his little table out and asks to do school. So we paint and practice our letters. He learned how to write his name (with TONS of direction!) and I was so proud of him!

The library! We have been to the library many times already this summer. Nathan was SO excited today because we found another Fred and Ted book! He's also been super into the Berenstain Bears and I picked up a DVD of them today as well.

Going to Daddy's softball games! Jon had a game last night and the umpire was SO kind. He let Nathan come play after the game was over for a few minutes and called all of Jon's pitches. Ha! The other umpire came over as Nathan rounded third and pronounced him safe at home. Nathan was so stoked!

Watching an old favorite, Super Why, in his Super Nathan outfit. Love it!

Lots of activities equals lots of falling asleep on the couch in the afternoon. ;) He's so cute.

And a few things I want to share with you guys:

My friend Bekah Hamrick Martin just released her new book, The Bare Naked Truth About Waiting, and she's got a FUN giveaway going on right now! Head over here to enter!

And my another friend, CJ Darlington, just released her newest novel, Ties That Bind, and I'm super excited to read it! You can find it here.

AND... Miss Match is only $.99 on Kindle until Sunday! If you've been waiting to get it or if you've been wanting to get it for a friend, now is the time!

ANNNND (ha!)... don't forget that you can still get your very own autographed copy of Paige Torn from my bookstore! :)

And here are some fun links! :)

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Have a lovely Tuesday!

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