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Of bears and smushed cakes

Wow, so I think I'm set for the next year on all of your book recommendations on my last post! Thanks! I'm even thinking we should start some sort of weekly or monthly book list thing on here where everyone can just write what they are reading and give us all ideas!

We have had a fun couple of days. We went to visit Jon last week for lunch at the duck pond again. Love my little family. :)

I taught Nathan how to play crab soccer (where you crab-walk around kicking a ball) and we had the best time. He was SO giggly that day! The brownies we made and devoured probably had nothing to do with that. ;)

And today we went to our library to pick up a few books and to go to the special presentation they had for little kids today. It was two ladies who sang and did this wonderful story about a bear who was about to have a birthday party. At one point, the bear was sad and left because some pigs had smushed his cake and his friends weren't going to come. Nathan started crying. It was so sweet. I had the hardest time not laughing at him. ;) Thankfully the bear came back after we all sang a birthday song to him. Someone was pretty thrilled about that, though the whole way home he kept asking me if the bear got a new cake.

A few book deals I've seen lately:

The Wedding Dress by Rachel Hauk. LOVED this book. I read it when I was on bedrest last year and it definitely made a couple of those stressful days go by a lot faster. It's also on sale right now on Kindle for $3.49.

Rescue Team by Candace Calvert. I just finished this yesterday and I loved it! I could barely put it down. And - more good news!! - it's only $2.99 on Kindle right now.

Have a lovely Monday!

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