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Fun with a cute friend!

We had a very fun visitor at our house yesterday and today!

Nathan adores his sweet friend Gracie. And it was the very first sleepover we've ever had! We had such a wonderful time with this little sweetheart while her parents had a fun night away!

She was the easiest thing ever. We even went to our favorite CFA today and Nathan got to play while Gracie and I visited with Gammy and our dear elderly neighbor a few streets over who we've gotten to know.

Sweet little sleepyhead. :)

And my jammie buddies this morning! Nathan LOVED having her here. He was so sweet with her. I only had to remind him to be gentle once or twice. He made up a little song for her that went something like this, "We loooove you, Gwacie. We will taaaaake care of youuuu." Ha!

This little one seems to be pretty excited to have his mama all to himself again.  :) Though he keeps asking me where Gracie is and where her pack-n-play went and if her bed is gone, where is she going to sleep tonight? ;)

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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