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Another first and an AMAZING review!

Today, Nathan and I went to go see his first movie in the theaters!

A couple of local theaters do a dollar kid's movie (that has already usually be released on DVD) in the mornings on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I've been debating if I thought Nathan was ready to actually sit through an entire movie for a while and since we didn't have plans today, I decided to try it just the two of us. If he started acting up, I figured it would be easy enough for the two of us to sneak out.

He did SO good!! We watched Rio and it was very cute. We had a great Mama/Son date! He LOVED the popcorn and I splurged and got him a Sprite too. Not the healthiest of lunches, since neither of us were hungry after that, but I figure once in his life isn't going to affect him that much. ;) The chairs kept closing up on him, so he ended up sitting in my lap the whole time. Definitely my favorite part of the movie! ;)

And my lovely day just continued when we got home because I found this fantastic review of Paige Torn by USA Today waiting in my inbox from my amazing publicist! (Gasping here!) SO blessed and excited!!!

When we were driving home earlier, we passed a car who looked similar to one we parked next to at the theater. Nathan says, "Hey! Is that the same car? Is this a dream??!"

Oh my boy. Have a wonderful Wednesday!!!

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