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Working on it

Yesterday, we had our friends Eryn, Evie and Gracie over to play. So I captured the one moment where Nathan was actually being kind to his friend.

His mask in this picture cracks me up. What a silly.

I'm not totally sure what to do with him. He is SO PASSIONATE about everything and so so so strong willed. When I was pregnant with him, I prayed for him to be a strong leader, to not be easily swayed and to not just go with the flow.

Well. I take all of it back. ;)

I love my boy to death but this year has tested and tried me in ways I can't even describe. Last night, I came home from our Bible study, sat down at the kitchen table and just cried because I was so overwhelmed with my stubborn, strong willed child.

So, as cute as some of my pictures are, just know that it's not all rosy over here all the time. ;)

Jon is on his last week of work before the summer break and so they've started their themed days. Today was "Sports Day" so he wore his old jersey to work. Nathan woke up, saw Jon in his jersey and declared that he needed to wear his today too.

Cute boys. :)

And a rare picture of me and my baby. I get so busy taking the pictures that I sometimes forget to get in them.

Today, we have had a good day. I registered us for BSF this coming fall and I'm SO excited about the kids program for Nathan. I think it's going to be amazing. Afterward, we met up with our dear neighbors at Chick-fil-A so the boys could play. We were originally going to go to the park but some much needed rain made our park a mud pit. But this was way fun. And it included sweet tea. ;)

And now we're playing outside and waiting for Daddy to get home. Don't mind the mess in the back of this picture. We're gluttons for punishment when it comes to yard work. The minute we complete one project, we come up with another one to do. Thankfully, we've been able to do most of them using materials we already had.

Love this little cutie. Even when he makes me crazy. ;)

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