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We never stop

This week has technically been Jon's "vacation".

And today is the first day that we've really spent the day having fun and relaxing. ;) Poor guy. Our yard looks fantastic now though!

Nathan has done a lot of this while we've been out there working. Cutie head.

Love my little "gobble"-eyed boy. ;)

So, we spend most of the time he's in the pool yanking up his swimsuit. Not because they are big and fall off but because he apparently remembers the Olympics and think they are supposed to sit somewhere on your body that makes most normal people blush.

We've been calling him "Michael" around here lately. ;)

Our poor grass has been trampled lately with all the work we've been doing but there are some weeds that are flourishing and have these little purple flowers on them, so they're actually kind of pretty. There's probably a great lesson in there about how not everything nice-looking is actually good but this isn't that kind of blog post.

Anyway, Nathan has been picking them for me lately and so I have a little mini vase on my kitchen table with them in it and I just love it. :)

Sleepy worker guy.

And here it is!! Our finished garden! Jon placed all of those stones by hand and did an AMAZING job. I'm so blessed to have such a hard working husband!!

Then, because we can't stand to rest, we picked up some pallets from a friend of ours and started deconstructing them to make some of the projects I'd pinned on Pinterest. You can't beat free projects!!

Love these hard worker boys.

And I love how this one turned out!!

Since we've been doing lots of swimming, I've been talking to Nathan about how we still have to pee in the potty and we can't just go in the pool. He looked at me and said, "But Mom, pee is water."

I'm not smart enough to raise this boy.

What have you been up to??

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