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Oh my goodness, friends, we have had the CRAZIEST week ever. Starting Monday, I was not home with Nathan the entire day the whole week. And when I have been home, I've been crazy doing everything for Paige's release.

But we have had a wonderful time and I have had SO MUCH FUN hearing from you guys who have already finished Paige Torn!! :)

 Wednesday, we celebrated Paige's release by running errands for the book signing and having lunch at a new hamburger place here in town with Gammy. Book release days are always so weird. You plan for it for MONTHS but at the same time, nothing really changes in my schedule that day. So I just spend most of the day thinking "wait, what was happening today? Am I forgetting to be somewhere?" ha!

On Thursday, I did a little writing workshop at a local private school here in Albuquerque. I had so much fun and hopefully the kids learned a few things too. ;) We have been having the most beautiful weather so I didn't even check the temperature when I left at 7:15 in the morning wearing my definitely spring outfit and when I got to the school I found out it was THIRTY-SEVEN degrees outside. I was so thankful I had a sweater in the car because it was FREEZING outside but I did not look very put together. Ha!

My brother Bryant surprised us several weeks ago with tickets to go see Chris Tomlin in concert and we have been so so excited for it! Friday night was the concert and guys, if you ever have the opportunity to see him live, BUY THE TICKETS. It was hands down the BEST concert I have ever been to - what an incredible night of worship!! I loved it, loved it.

Saturday, I had a book signing for Paige Torn at the cutest little tea room here! It was so much fun - so wonderful to see so many dear friends and meet some new ones! And a HUGE thank you to my mom who spent countless hours helping me get things together and set up for it! What a wonderful time! Lots of thanks to everyone who came!

Then we had a semi-sad occasion - we surprised Leigh Ann with a baby shower Saturday afternoon since they are moving and we won't get to be there during the proper time for a baby shower. It was very fun but very horrible at the same time. We will miss their sweet family! (Big thanks to Melanie for creating this beautiful collage picture!)

 Saturday night, I was so tired. So we packed up and headed over to Chick-fil-a for dinner. I love, love, love these two. They got to have a daddy/son day on Saturday. I believe Krispy Kreme was involved, so I don't think Nathan missed me too much. ;)

Last night, we had dinner at my parents' house with these dear friends - Shannon and Eric! I am so thankful for them. We love them so much. We spent the entire evening laughing.

Sweet baby boy. It's hard work having your mama's book come out! ;)

And now it is Monday. We had Lunch Bunch at our house today and I got to snuggle with these two for a minute. Soaking up every last second with my precious Hayley Grace!!

I'm exhausted just reading this! What have you guys been up to this week??

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