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It's a good day for napping

Before I start today, I just want to be sure and remind everyone to keep praying for the people in Oklahoma. I've never been in a tornado - or even lived in areas that have them - but I have lots of family who does and I know it's terrifying. Please be especially in prayer for those who lost loved ones. I can't stop thinking about these people who lost children. I can't even imagine.

We have had a quiet few days. We spent yesterday running some errands and then playing around the house. Nathan helped me paint my toenails yesterday by lining up all of my available colors to pick from around my foot.

 In other news, it might be time for me to go through my collection and clean it out, seeing as how this wasn't even everything I own. ;)

This morning, I was getting my makeup on so I could run a few orders to the post office and do a few errands and the house got very quiet. I always get worried when I don't hear anything. So, I looked all around and finally found him in his bed. "I'm really super tired, Mom," he kept saying over and over. I told him he could lay there for another few minutes while I finished my makeup. And here's what I found when I came back in five minutes later.

Poor baby. He's going on two hours now. I can't even remember the last time he took a nap so this is very weird!

Looking forward to a long weekend to work on our yard and hopefully getting some swimming in! Is everyone done with school or close to it? What do you have planned for this summer?

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