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Friday Favorites

So, today I want to spend the whole day talking about some of my FAVORITE summer things! Mostly because it's been in the low 80s this week and I am itching to start our fun summer activities!

Last week, we went to community group and one of the girls in it had made this iced tea. I came home and made it immediately! It's about 8-10 bags (depending on how strong you like your tea - I like mine at super strength) of black tea and 1 bag of chai tea in approximately 3-4 cups of water. Brew it all together, add a pinch of baking soda and as much sugar as you want (again. I like mine at super strength. ;) ), pour it into a pitcher and fill it up the rest of the way with water. Then pour over ice!

I seriously have had about 34 glasses of this over the last three days. It's so sweet and yummy and has a tiny hint of cinnamon which makes it even MORE delicious! I will soon be looking on Pinterest for some homemade teeth whitening formulas. ;)

This kid had the absolute time of his life yesterday running through the sprinklers in the backyard. SO glad it's finally warm enough to do these things!!

About once a year, my hair cooperates with my attempts at styling it perfectly and it's the best hair day ever. Which automatically guarantees that I will have nothing on my schedule except going to Walmart and I won't see anybody I know. So. Yesterday was that day for my hair. And guess where we went? ;)

And to add insult to injury, I was outside watching Nathan play in the sprinklers and someone thought it would just be hilarious to attack his mother with the water and start a little water fight (which, to be honest, WAS very fun.). So by the time Jon got home, my hair was back to normal. Oh well. Next year. ;)

None of the hair details were really a Friday Favorite. I just felt the need to share with you.

I got this book for Nathan this week (except we got the alphabet one - I can't find the picture for that one online) and it is WONDERFUL. I have to limit how much he does in it every day because he has so much fun doing it. So far, he's just worked on some of the building blocks to writing letters. It's so good for him! He can count to 30 and knows the ABC song, but he has a hard time associating the name of the letter with the letter itself and same for numbers, so I think this will help. He's so eager to learn these things right now that I want to capitalize on it. Plus, it gives us something disciplined and structured to do every day and that has seemed to help with his overall behavior.

And finally, last night we were wet from the sprinklers and pretty tired from our full day of fun, so we scrapped the chicken dinner I was planning to make and went to Freddy's for hamburgers and custard instead. This definitely gets to go on the favorite list! We don't go out to dinner just the three of us very often so it was a very fun little family date! And Nathan ate his whole dinner so he got to have an Oreo ice cream sandwich that was almost the size of his head. ;)

What are YOUR summer favorites??

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