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This weekend is such a blur. We were crazy busy all day on Saturday and then Saturday night, Jon and I went to a friend's wedding. Uncle Bryant and Auntie Cayce watched Nathan while my parents, Caleb and his girlfriend Nicole joined us at the wedding.

I love weddings! Carly's was absolutely beautiful and it was SO fun. They used mason jars in all the decor and that right there made it a total winner in my opinion. And they had a photo booth. LOVE photo booths at weddings!

We picked up a Frappucino for Nathan yesterday morning (decaf of course!) and he was so excited to get something from Starbucks. He kept saying, "Caramel FRAPP-UN-CHINO" the whole rest of the drive. Ha! He's his mama's baby.

And then my parents taught him this and I don't believe they've ever taught him anything I've ever loved more:

Yes. Yes, he did say that. I about died.

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