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Wook, Mom! iPads!

Well, friends, I'll start with an apology because I realize it has been a long time since I last wrote. My May 1st deadline for the third book in the Paige series is sneaking up on me a lot faster than I was expecting! All that to say, I should finish my deadline by Friday and I'm so excited/relieved that it will be completed soon. :)

Here's what we've been up to:

We went to the aquarium and botanical garden with Evie and Gracie on Friday. Love those girls.

On Saturday, we had a party for our dear friends, Julia and Julia. :) We had a few places to go before the party so we decided a stop by Krispy Kreme was probably essential.

Our new "rest time" instead of nap time is going okay most of the time. I will confess that it makes every day starting around 4pm to be absolutely miserable for everyone around us. I walked in and found him like this in front of Finding Nemo the other day though:

So sweet. And nights have been a lot easier, though car trips have become like this now as well:

Today, Nathan was desperate to have Kody play baseball with him and kept grabbing his paw to try and shove it into a glove. Kody, needless to say, was not super excited about that idea. So, I talked Nathan into playing with MeMo instead. You probably can't see them, but MeMo has "ipads" on his arms (or "armbands" like most people call them). Ha!

And friends who live in Albuquerque! Stay tuned because I have super fun news about Paige Torn coming up for you guys! :)
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