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To start today's adventure, everyone say the Pirate Password!

For those of you who aren't Jake and the Neverland Pirates fans, the password is "yo ho ho!". ;)

We have had a crazy couple of weeks and on top of also racing to get my deadline finished for book 3 of the Paige series on May 1st (which ironically is also the official release date for Paige Torn!!), I haven't had a lot of free time to blog. So, I decided to stuff all of the pictures into this one post. ha! :)

Some of my favorite moments over the last few weeks:

Lunch date at Costco with my favorite two year-old (I kept hearing the Sonic commercial guys in my head all through lunch: "YOU'RE A CHEAP DATE!" ha!).

 Playground time with my local wanna be football player.

Zoo trips with dear friends. Someday I expect a very elaborate thank you card from Nathan for surrounding him with all these beautiful girls. ;)

 Love how little these two look with my Jon. :)

 Fun times with a best friend.

 My beautiful mom and me at the Chocolate and Coffee Festival.

Dyeing Easter eggs. Love his careful expression.

Easter sunrise service with Hayley. Lincoln Brewster was the guest musician this year and Nathan LOVED him. He kept raising his hands and screaming, "WOOO!" The Krispy Kreme he ate during one of the songs may have contributed to his excitement over it.

Discovering the treasures in his Easter basket (yes, that is a "real" pirate sword - thanks Gammy!).

Hunting the Easter eggs.

Laughing with Gammy.

Celebrating two beautiful girls turning two.

Giving the girls flowers. Nathan picked all the dandelions out of the yard and gave them to all of the little girls at the party. We are in trouble.

 Precious friends!!

Biking to the park with the neighbor boys. Love this.

 Cool new aviators. ;)

Love this - everyday we get to dress up in our pirate gear and hunt "Crocodile Creek". ;) Love my happy little pirate boy. :)

Whew! Okay. What have you guys been up to???

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