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Little Chef

Last Sunday, we decided to pull out the popsicle mold I bought at the end of the summer last year and make our first batch of homemade popsicles. Someone was quite excited. ;)

They turned out pretty good! Uncle Bryant came by to share one which made Nathan pretty stoked.

Gammy had some work done on her car today so Nathan and I went and picked her up, did a few errands and then played at "Chick-fur-way" for a little bit. It was a good morning. :)

On our way back to our house, Nathan said, "Gammy, are you coming to my house?"

She said, "Yes, Nathan. Is that okay?"

He said, "Well, I think so. But our house is really dirty so you need to go in and lay down on the couch and close your eyes so we can vacuum real fast."

Because that is how we like to welcome guests into our home.

For the last couple of weeks, Nathan has been having a VERY hard time going to bed at night. It would take him two hours sometimes to stay in his room and go to sleep. And then he would be up very early. It was getting to be a very frustrating thing for me and Jon because we only have an hour or so at night after he goes to bed to spend time together since Jon has been doing homework for his master's degree every night.

So, yesterday, my mom suggested not putting him down for a nap and seeing if that worked. We did a "rest time" instead and the boy was in bed asleep at 7:40 and didn't wake up for twelve hours.

Honestly, I was a little bummed it worked because that meant that NAPS ARE NO MORE.

I feel like I was robbed of my mourning period.

Today, I put on Ratatouille and he laid on the couch with his blanket and Mickey Mouse (or MeMo as he's affectionately known here) and I managed to get all of my word count written in the time it took for him to watch the movie.

So afterward, he had to act out the movie. Here's our chef making a BLT for Gammy:

And here's the "Little Chef" who was helping him:

It's never dull here. ;)

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