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Hard worker guys

This weekend, we spent the majority of the time working on our backyard. We decided to use some of the space in the back and plant a garden.

Because plants just love us.

Nathan, though, is in his ELEMENT when we are outside working. The boy is the hardest worker...even if he's causing five times more work for Jon. He loves every second of working outside around the house. And everything Jon did, Nathan had to do, including turning his hat backwards. I'm pretty sure his new favorite tool is a "shobel".

He had to put his saw right on top of Jon's when they were done cutting the wood. ha! He loves helping his daddy.

He also loves break time with a watermelon. ;)

Our dear friends Shannon and Eric came over on Sunday to help and Shannon came with me to get Nathan out of the boys' hair. My sister Cayce ran in the Color Me Rad race, one of those 5Ks where they spray you with different colors the whole time you are running. She did really well and Nathan loved holding up her sign.

He kept saying, "You is really dirty, Tayce!" Then he colored his own poster today and had me hold it up while he ran laps around the house. ha!

He has the best imagination - he is getting to the point where he will play for hours with his toys in his play room, making up stories and acing everything out. It's SO cute. Today he set up his two stools as pirate ships. He was Peter Pan and his owl was Captain Hook.

Love that crazy kid.

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