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What little boys are made of


I remember the day like it was yesterday - the ultrasound tech mashing the little scanner on my abdomen that was covered in that nasty, freezing cold gel and saying, "Oh, yeah, I think it's a... yes, it's definitely a boy."

I remember being SO ANXIOUS to find out what we were having. And then I just had more questions once we knew he was a boy. What was he going to be like? Act like? Look like?


He's a BOY, all right.

Lately, we have been very into forts and tents, destroying forts and tents and, what else? Pirates.

Jon constructed this little beauty of a tent the other night after he got home and I found the two of them in there reading.

 So precious. Jon has been having to work very late most nights and he's also going back to school for his Master's. Love that he still takes the time to play with Nathan every night.

And finally, our little pirate. Someone has become very attached to Jake and the Neverland Pirates and runs around our house saying, "ARG MATEY!" all day long. Yesterday, he asked me to tie a bandana on his head like Jake.

 Crazy little stinker head. What you can't see in this picture is that he has a baseball bat down the back of his shirt like a sword. ;) Ha! We are FINALLY coming out of the worst of the twos (hope I'm not jinxing myself, ha!) and I'm really starting to enjoy this age that he's at. We have so many adventures every day.

I think I could be happy with him staying this little forever. :)
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