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Today was fun, tomorrow is another one

Last Friday, my sweet neighbor invited Nathan and I to come over to help her boys celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday. Nathan LOVED it. Shana had thought of everything - it was so cute!

My friend Jamie had given Nathan a bunch of her son's old clothes and this has become a new favorite. It was perfect for Seuss Day! Nathan calls it his "I am Sam" shirt. ;)

The boys decorating one-fish-two-fish fishbowls and truffala trees - these turned out just adorable.

Playing a game. :)

This was my favorite - the themed lunch! SO cute.

We had a quiet Saturday at home, finished reorganizing our garage and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Nathan FINALLY got a haircut after us putting it off for two weeks. ;) I woke up Sunday with a really stiff neck, so after church we hung around the house for awhile and then had dinner at my parents' house. It's still really sore - not sure what I did to it, but I'm writing this with an ice pack around my neck and shoulder. Ugh.

And, as per usual, we were with Uncle Bryant this weekend and last weekend and when I was looking on my phone for pictures for this post, I found these:

Anytime those two are together my phone somehow gets stolen and used for entertainment purposes. They have too much fun together. ;)

P.S. I have a contest going for a free copy of one of my e-novellas, Easter Carats, on my Facebook page! Come by for a chance to win!
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