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Not the post I was expecting

I was going to write a little bit about our weekend and post pics of us going to the zoo with the Lunch Bunch, but a certain little boy who lives here woke up at 1:45am last night throwing up and pretty much did that until close to 6am.

Poor little guy. We didn't get tons of sleep last night. Poor Jon was up all night cleaning up our baby and still had to go to work today. :( So thankful for my amazing husband! Nathan seems to be a little better this morning. He's been able to keep toast down for a little bit. Hoping that continues to be the case! He's so into pirates lately that I did a special treat and rented Peter Pan on Amazon Instant video for him. So far that seems to be helping. :)

So, in the meantime, I wrote about my start in writing over on Scribble Chicks. Would love for you to come by!

Stay healthy, everyone!

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