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Get your head in the game

I must have done something weird to my neck when we were finishing up the garage on Saturday because I woke up Sunday with a stiff neck and by yesterday, it was sore all the way down to my shoulders. It's a little better today, but I've spent the past two days on the couch alternating ice packs and heating pads and turning my entire body instead of just my head.

I feel about 89 years old.

Which has made keeping Nathan entertained something of a challenge. So, I decided we were going to have a couple of days watching movies in our jammies. Yesterday, I was scrolling through the Netflix library to try and find something that wasn't Diego and found High School Musical, which I saw a LONG time ago and I turned it on to see if Nathan would like it.

We have now watched it three times in less than 24 hours. The boy is obsessed with the "basketball movie". We even had to drag his basketball and hoop out into the living room so he could dance and play like Troy in the movie.

Get your head in the game from Erynn Mangum on Vimeo.

SO funny.

And can I just say that I'm pretty sure he has the cutest little jammie bottom ever? ;)
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