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Spring is coming

We spent a few days outside this week. The weather was so pretty - and then it started snowing again. ;) I love snow but not when there's not enough to play in and it just traps us inside.

Cutie on the swing. He is so proud of himself for being able to get on there by himself.

He is such a goof. He keeps me very very entertained. ;)

We found a petrified roly poly that Nathan decided was a ladybug. Love everything about this picture - especially the little Mater band-aid over the invisible owie. ;)

Hurry up, spring!! We are ready to be outside!

"Rescue us! Save us!" the shrieked. "Don't you care?"
(Of course Jesus cared, and this was the very reason he had come - to rescue them and to save them.)
Jesus stood up and spoke to the storm. 
"Hush," he said. That's all.
 - The Jesus Storybook Bible

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