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Odds, ends and a little bit of catching up


Last week, Jon and I had the loveliest date night at the Melting Pot, courtesy of my siblings for my birthday. It was wonderful. And such a blessing. Between living with a toddler who is constantly saying, "Excuse me, could you stop talking? I have suppin to say." whenever we are trying to have a conversation, Jon studying to get his Master's degree and fertility treatments that sometimes leave something to be desired mood-wise, it was SO SO SO nice to have a few hours away to sit and relax and feel completely unrushed and talk.

Big thanks to the sibs here. ;)

Last night, our wonderful friends Eryn, Evie, Gracie and Thomas invited us over for dinner. Nathan is big fan of Gracie's. They sat and watched Sesame Street together for a few minutes and it was about the cutest thing. He always talks to her in a voice about ten octaves higher than his regular voice. Hilarious.

And in HUGE news, my dear, dear friend Kaitlin finally had her little son yesterday - ten days past his due date! Little man is absolutely adorable and I cannot wait to see more pictures of him. I already love him to pieces. Now just to get my hands on him... :)

Lots of blessings around us lately. God has been good. This past month started with my notes like this in my Bible study:

Faith is believing that God's plan for my life is better than my hopes and dreams for my life?

and it has ended with this:

Faith is believing that God's plan for my life is BETTER than my hopes and dreams for my life!

I don't know what the future holds for me or for you. Maybe God will not answer my prayers or your prayers in the way that we hope. Perhaps His plan is something completely different or maybe not different at all.

What I do know is that TODAY, right now, is the day that we have been given. And too often, I am too busy looking ahead to what might happen or looking behind pining for the days that used to be to really focus on today - right this second, right where God has me.

Because where God has us is someplace very special.
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