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Today is one of those days that will hopefully be filed under "Days to Forget". Ugh. Not my best day as a mother.

 Question for those of you who have potty trained your kids: Would you like to take my son and get him completely trained and then give him back to me??? I am only half-kidding.

This last week was great as far as the training went. He had hardly any accidents at all, he got all kinds of prizes because he was doing so good and then Friday, for no reason at all, he decided that he was not going to use the potty at all and he's barely done so since. We've tried everything - prizes, candy, consequences and nothing seems to be working. Any ideas, anyone??

On the plus side, he and I had a good time Saturday morning making doughnut mini muffins together. He even told me that he needed to get his hat on so he could cook.

Two is such an up and down age.
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