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"That's Impressive"

One of Nathan's new favorite words is "impressive". He's always coming over, doing some little trick and then saying, "See? I impressive, Mama."

This week was definitely impressive - sometimes for the good and sometimes for the bad. I started the week with a cold that quickly progressed to a bad cough. On Wednesday, my computer crashed and so I immediately booked an appointment at the Apple Store for the first available appointment which wasn't until Thursday. It's always a little heart-stopping to think about your unbacked up manuscript sitting there completely unaccessible in your computer.

Heart-stopping might be a little bit of a tame word.

Anyway, I went to the Apple Store on Thursday and they tried a few different things, decided it was my hard drive and then came out with possibly the best news I had all week: yesterday was my LAST DAY of Apple Care, so I was able to get a brand new hard drive for FREE.

Needless to say, there was a great deal of happiness at that moment. It was a great birthday present because yesterday was also my birthday. :)

Mom, Nathan and I hung out the whole day. We went to lunch, we watched a movie, we did a little bit of shopping. We met my dad, brothers and my dear friend Shannon for dinner at Paradise and then Shannon came over to my house and kept me company while Jon was in class. It was a good day.

Tonight Jon and Nathan are having a little family party for me. :)

And TOMORROW begins two very feared words in my vocabulary now...

Potty. Training.

Oh my...pray for us!!

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