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Our Christmas with the Mangums

We got back in town from California on the 27th and my amazing grandmother was already here. It was so fun to come home to her and the family!

The 28th was our third Christmas Eve and I spent the day on the couch with the stomach virus everyone had been passing around in California. Bleugh. Then Nathan came down with the croup on the 30th. Oh my...

We did have a wonderful Christmas, though, with my family. We are so blessed! It was a relaxing time - we watched a few Christmas movies we hadn't watched yet, did a little bit of shopping and mostly just hung out in sweatpants the whole week.

Nathan scored about a million new bedtime buddies. He took a nap with all of them at one point and it was like "Where's Waldo" except with Nathan. Someone was pretty stoked about it, as you can see. ;)

I love my crazy family!!
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