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Good Ideas

We have had a good two days.

Yesterday, Nathan had a big accident at Lunch Bunch. But we made the best of it. I drove straight to Starbucks afterward and then enjoyed my caramel macchiato in silence while I worked on edits and on book three of the Paige series (yay!) during naptime.

Then Jon came home and life was happy again.

This morning I woke up DETERMINED to have a great day despite me using the word "poop" and "potty" like an obnoxious parrot. May I just say that I have NEVER in my cognizant life used words like that so frequently??

Right then is when I got an invitation to have lunch at Chick-Fil-A with my dear friend Eryn and her girls. We went to meet them, I broke all of my potty training rules and put Nathan in a pull-up because I don't care what the blogs, books and random mothers in Target say about that ruining potty training, I do NOT want to be that mom who has to drag her sopping wet kid out of the play area, simultaneously informing the staff that someone peed all down the slide while we make a run for it. I told Nathan that they were "training pants" and he was going to have to keep them dry and clean just like undies if he wanted to get his prize today (we've been offering prizes for keeping his pants dry until naptime).

And guess what?


We went to the bathroom three times and left there with a totally dry pull-up. I am so proud of that child I could just pop.

 We also had to stop and get a picture with the cardboard firefighter cow because Nathan was wearing a shirt with a fire truck on the back and THAT WOULD BE SO COOL, MOM.

He's like two going on eight. The picture is blurry because goodness knows we couldn't take this picture with all of our stuff sitting on the table. No, we had to decide to take it right when I was loaded down like a sherpa on my way to find the Yeti on some godforsaken expedition.

We got home, I got him in his jammies for nap and we were going through our normal ritual of discussing how much we loved each other while he giggled nonstop:

Me: "I love you more than cupcakes!"
Nathan: "I love you more than...applesauce!"
Me: "I love you more than milkshakes!"
Nathan: "I love you more than...cookies!"

Then he stopped short and his eyes got real big and he said, "HEY MOM! I have a great idea! Let's go get cookies after nap!"

That boy is straight after his mama's heart, I'm telling you.
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