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Christmas in California

As I write this there is no evidence that Christmas ever happened in my house - everything is packed up and back in it's normal place in the garage.

So it seems a little weird to only FINALLY be getting to posting Christmas pictures, but I did want to write everything down so I won't forget!

We flew out on the 22nd to spend Christmas with Jon's side of the family. It was so busy and so crazy with three VERY active toddlers running around, plus two extended families coming over, plus Santa, plus a million dirty dishes, plus a stomach bug and the croup.

But we had a great time and came home absolutely exhausted. Nathan slept until nine the next morning and then just laid in bed quietly until almost 10. Ha!

Jon's uncle dressed up as Santa for the kids - so cute. Nathan kept telling him that "in the car" we sing songs like "Santa coming to town". He monopolized him for a little while.

At one point opening presents, Josh (my nephew) said, "Oh my goodness!" as he unwrapped his present. Nathan, who was still trying to get his unwrapped said, "Hey! Where's my goodness?" ;)

It was wonderful seeing Jon's family again. We wish we got to see them more often!! I am very blessed to have the in-laws I have.
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