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Chasing away the winter blues

Winter used to be my absolute favorite season. I loved everything about it. The snow. The cold. The sitting by the window drinking hot tea and wearing my sweaters.

Now, though, I am starting to get to the point where I don't even like it a little bit. Nathan is constantly sick and when he's not sick, I am. It's so cold that it is hard to go do anything because we have to bundle up to walk to the car, unbundle to get in the car seat and then do it all over again. We all miss playing outside.

Today was one of those days. Nathan woke up with a fever and so we spent the whole day in our pajamas on the couch in-between bathroom visits. Then he threw up at dinner and we ended the day with a terrible case of diarrhea. Never, never, NEVER a fun thing when you are on Day Four of potty training.

And y'all. We watched Aladdin two and a half times today.

I will never get the "Prince Ali" song out of my head. Ever. Especially since Nathan keeps singing it.

The only plus of having a sick kid (if there is a plus), is that he's always  much more snuggly when he's sick. I never mind spending the day cuddling on the couch with my baby.

The good news is that he made it to lunch time without any accidents AND had a dry Pull-Up when he woke up from nap, so he got a special chocolate milkshake.

Who else is ready for spring??
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