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The River of Lights

December is always such a ridiculously crazy month and this year has been no exception. I think we've had something every single day for the past three weeks. Oy! I have so much catching up to do on here!

We've been doing a lot of baking around here lately. A certain little man who lives here has not seemed to mind so much - especially when he is allowed to "help" and it involves "smarshmellows". ;)


Last week, we went to the River of Lights with Clint, Leigh Ann and Hayley Grace. It's a big Christmas lights display that our town puts on in the botanical gardens. It was so fun but SO cold.

The kids had so much fun running around the lights but I think everyone in the entire park knew Nathan's name by the time we left because I felt like I was constantly saying, "Nathan, stop. Nathan, come back. Nathan, watch where you are going!"

My dear friend! What a blessing this girl is to me!!

What have you been up to in your home to welcome Christmas??
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