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Our Christmas

Jon, Nathan and I celebrated our own little Christmas last weekend and we had so much fun. Santa brought Nathan a kitchen and he LOVES it. :)

Our house on Christmas morning! I was so excited - I woke up like an hour before Nathan did and just laid there waiting for him to wake up. That was the LONGEST hour... ;)

I don't think he really knew what to do at first. Love his face: "Hey, how did this get here?"

Warming up... ;)

Okay, this is a fun day.

This is a GREAT day!!

We spent the majority of the morning playing with the kitchen and the little trinkets from his stocking.

Showing off his present to Kody. :)

Someone is very, very, very, very loved in this house. Just in case anyone was wondering. ;)

Then it was time to unwrap presents. Nathan got a lot of fun new things for the kitchen and Jon and I exchanged gifts. I love my little family!

What blessings this Christmas! Questions of the day: what are you planning to give for Christmas and what are you hoping to receive??

Merry Christmas Eve Eve Eve Eve! ;)

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