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Our Christmas Eve

We had such a wonderful "Christmas Eve"! We celebrated early just the three of us and it was so much fun. So many dear, precious memories were made! We made cookies, we watched Frosty while eating a picnic of pizza in the living room and Santa even came to our house.

We started by making cookies and Nathan was very adamant that he get to help with every stage of it. ;)

Me and the little chef :)

I'm pretty sure our entire kitchen got flour on it.

I love the concentration going into the cookie cutting process here. Ha!

Just a little messy. And a little wound up. ;)

We gave him a little bowl of icing, a little knife and two cookies to decorate for himself. Half of the cookie somehow "disappeared" while he was icing it. ;)

This is where most of the icing went.

Success tastes great! :)

Love this picture - Jon is working so hard making beautiful cookies and Nathan has moved on to decorating his arm with icing and sprinkles.

Gammy and Pops stopped by for a few minutes and got treated to an icing covered hug. ;)

Why stop at cookies, Mom??

I pretty much had to scrub my entire kitchen down that night.

It was worth it. ;)

The aftermath. Oh my goodness, he was COVERED. I think we found sprinkles in the boy's ears.

Told you Santa came to our house. ;)

We had to pick out cookies for Santa after a much-needed bath.

Cookies for Santa and a carrot for Rudolph. Rudolph "LOVES" carrots, apparently. ;) Then we read the Christmas story from the Jesus Storybook Bible (I adore that book - if you know or have little kids, get it for them for Christmas!).

My sweet family on our Christmas Eve! I am so blessed with my boys - God has given me so very much.

Now that we've totally disgusted you with our cookie making pictures, I hope you have a wonderful night! Ha! :)

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