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Our Advent, week two

So sorry I never got back to some of your questions on my first advent post - we have had a crazy couple of weeks!

I got ideas for the activities by searching a ton of blogs and just remembering things we did as kids or do now that I love - like looking at lights or reading Christmas story books. Things like that. I searched "advent" on Pinterest and found a TON of blogs with some great ideas!

Here's our second week - we have been LOVING this. :)

Day 8: We read Luke 2:5, sung "Away in the Manger" and learned "Silent Night"

Day 9: We read Micah 5:2 and made thumbprint Christmas cards for our family. :)

Day 10: We read Luke 2:6-7 and went to get frozen yogurt.

Day 11: We read Luke 2:7, bought three toys and donated them to a church Christmas store.

Day 12: We read Isaiah 9:6 and made peppermint hot chocolate.

Day 13: We read Luke 2:8-11 and watched Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. (Both Jon and I had just worked out, so please don't look at us. My favorite part of this picture is the hot chocolate spilling down Nathan's shirt as he drinks. Ha!)

Day 14: We read Luke 2:12 and made paper snowflakes.

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