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What happens at Gammy and Pops' house...

Last Monday, Nathan and I were over at Gammy and Pops' house around nap time, so I just brought all of Nathan's bed buddies (he cannot sleep without Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Lucky and Wyatt. And they all have very specific places to be beside him) and laid him down there. Somehow, Donald Duck went missing and we couldn't find him anywhere when we left.

He turned up later though and these pictures were texted to us most of this week. Apparently, Donald has been enjoying his time at Gammy and Pops' house.

Ha! Nathan thinks this is HILARIOUS. He always starts giggling, snorting and then saying, "HEY! Donnnallld!"

These are only a few of my favorites. Donald has been everywhere. ;) Nathan has loved seeing his buddy doing all sorts of things:

I think we will have to go pick up Donald today so he can be reunited with his Goofy owner. ;)
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