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Occasionally, I get an email asking about the random topics that come up in my books. So, I decided to give you a small snippet of what I heard today from the two men in my life.

Nathan and I were talking about how we were going over to Leigh Ann and Hayley's house later today and he suddenly blurted out in the middle of our conversation, "Oh, I need to wash my toes. My big toe, my wittle toe and my median toe."

Later this evening, Jon and I were listening to Christmas music in the car and I skipped Michael Buble's "Home for Christmas" because we aren't going to be this year. Jon said, "What happened to home is where the heart is? Really, that means that wherever we are is home. So basically, we are all like turtles, I guess."

And y'all wonder where I get the random conversations in my novels... ;) I've got a fun contest coming on Friday, so stay tuned!! :)
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