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Halloween 2012

Yesterday was Nathan's first time trick-or-treating. I think his life has changed forever.

We asked Nathan what he wanted to be for Halloween this year (not that he has a clue what that means) and he told us he wanted to be a "cowboy". This could mean both the traditional meaning of "cowboy" or a cow, seeing as how if you ask him what a cowboy says he always starts yelling, "MOO! MOOOOO!"

We went with the traditional look though. Seemed like a lot less work. ;)

He was so proud of his mustache and beard.

Gammy and Pops came over for his first time trick or treating and he LOVED that. Someone is a little fond of his grandparents. Plus, it was just two more people for him to talk to. "See, Gammy? I got a mustache. Hey Pops, see my bweard?"

The first house had a little dog that came to the door as well as a lady and after that, Nathan's occasional question when someone would answer the door was, "Tick or Tweet. Do you have a dog? I need to pet him."

People were so ridiculously generous with the candy. One guy handed Nathan a full-sized Snickers bar and one of our sweet neighbors gave him a three foot pixie stick. He MADE OUT. I let him have three pieces of candy after we got home and checked all of it and he is now a full-fledged candy fan.

We also let him hand out candy to some of the kids who came by after we got back home. One kid came to the door dressed as a football player. Nathan gave him the candy and then said, "Want to come in my house and eat a sucker wif me?"

We finally got our little cowboy to bed and the first thing he asked for when he woke up this morning was some candy. I told him we would have to wait for dinner, so he said, "Ok. Wet's eat bekfast and den it time for dinner."

Oh my.... ;)

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