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A Holly Jolly Giveaway, part one!

All this Christmas music I've been listening to lately has put me into the cheeriest mood.

Or maybe it is just because Jon brought me home a Caramel Brulee latte last night since Starbucks is doing a buy one, get one free on all holiday drinks and I'm still feeling the effects of happiness in a cup. Nathan has been at his best to ruin this mood, but I WILL HOLD ON TO IT.

At least, this was my little pep talk I gave myself as I went to the mailbox this afternoon, leaving my disobedient son in the house so I could have a few minutes in the cold air by myself.

Two will not go down as my favorite age, I'm nearly one hundred percent certain.

Whatever the case, I think it's about time for a few fun giveaways for the Christmas season!! Between now and December 14th, I will be giving away an autographed book a week!

Merry Christmas, friends!

First up for giveaway, is the first installment in Maya's story:

Want to win Cool Beans? Leave a comment letting me know your favorite Christmas tradition!!

And if you're ready to start getting in the Christmas spirit, check out my e-novella, The Christmas Watch, on a Kindle, smart phone or computer near you!!

I'll pick the winner of Cool Beans on Monday! Good luck everyone! :)
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