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Pumpkin Patch 2012

Yesterday, we went to my favorite little place to visit in the fall, a pumpkin patch here in town that benefits a charity for troubled youth. I absolutely LOVE this place!

 Mom and Dad came with us again this year - we are getting quite the wonderful progression of pumpkin patch pictures through the years!

It was Nathan's third time to go and he was so funny. It is really geared toward toddlers, so he was the absolute perfect age to play with all the fun farm toys and he was so excited about the animals!

He got to pet a horse. I think a few years ago they did pony rides, but I guess they aren't doing them this year. So sad - that would have been hilarious!

He was very excited about the Shetland Ponies. I think those are just the most awkward looking animals. No offense to any miniature horses out there. ;)

Is it just me or does he look like he's about 18 and a wrangler on a ranch somewhere???

I love how serious all of them look while doing the duck races. Ha!

My boys. Cannot even tell you how much I love them.

Me and my baby.

Our little family.

Nathan loved picking out pumpkins for our front porch. He probably picked about eight, but we kept putting them back. ;)

All through the years - oh my goodness, I cannot even believe how big he is now. Sweet, precious, crazy boy!
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