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This is a typical morning at my house:

Not even 8:30 and someone is already completely decked out over his jammies. He's such a silly. Nathan's new thing is to ask me about 67 times a day: "You happy, Mommy? You having fun?"

On Monday, we had Lunch Bunch at our house. A few of our friends were sick, so it was a smaller group. Such fun still. Love this picture - Nathan is a little out numbered by all these beautiful girls, as you can tell. I spend most of Monday mornings reminding him that we don't tackle girls. Only, only, only, only, only, only, only Daddy. ;)

We've had a few slower days these last two days which has been nice since the rest of this month is SO BUSY. I walked in the kitchen yesterday right before lunch and found this:

Ha! I think it's hilarious that he picked his two husky stuffed dogs to sit there and taunt Kody. Poor dog.

And I finally, FINALLY finished re-doing Nathan's letters in his room to match the new baseball theme. Now I'm just looking for some good deals on some old-fashioned baseball posters for his room and I think we'll be getting close to done...three months later. Oy. ;)

This weekend starts the Balloon Fiesta here! My grandmother is coming in town for it and I cannot wait!! :) Nathan is already talking about the fiesta as well. I told him we could get doughnuts and he said, "FRECKLED DOUGHNUTS??!!" I think he means sprinkled.... Ha!
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