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Friends and Birthdays

Thank you all so much for your sweet thoughts on my last post! I am so excited for you guys to meet Paige. :)

This last Friday, my dear friend Kaitlin and her husband, Eitan, came in town from Israel. SO wonderful to see them! We Skype often, but I haven't seen her in person in two years. AND - she's pregnant! They are due with their little son in January. :)

We all crashed at Mom and Dad's for the weekend and it was so wonderful. On Saturday night, we got to do a double date with them - we had so much fun!

Nathan adored Kaitlin. He showed off the whole weekend. ;)

And today is my wonderful mom's birthday! We went to dinner last night to celebrate at Olive Garden. Nathan was just ridiculous. At one point, he shot a straw wrapper over our heads and over to the table behind us. It landed in their salad bowl.

I may have cried. From laughter or embarrassment, I'm still not too sure. They were, thankfully, a very sweet table with a bunch of kids as well, so it was okay. Oh, that kid. He does keep us entertained.

I am so blessed to have a mother who loves and serves Jesus and cares so much about her kids. It's always been my life's goal to grow up to be like her - I have a long way to go. I love you, Mom!!
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