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Balloon Fiesta!!!

I live in Albuquerque and every year, we have a huge hot air balloon fiesta. This is the beginning of my favorite time of year!! :) The Fiesta always attracts thousands of people from all over the world - it's just so fun. I love it, love it.

I always take a zillion pictures and this year was no different, so feel free to bypass this post. This is mostly for my memories! 

My grandmother came in town last Thursday night and we've been having so much fun with her. The Fiesta started on Saturday, so Jon, Nathan and I got up at 3:45AM (yes...), drove to the park only to find out the slight breeze had canceled all the balloons. I was SO bummed.

We ran into Clint, Leigh Ann and Hayley and Thomas, Eryn, Evie and Gracie, though, so that made up for it. I love these dear friends!! :)

Nathan and his girls - this CRACKS me up. Evie and Hayley Grace were standing about a foot apart watching one of the pilots who took pity on the disappointed crowd and Nathan walked right up between them and put his arms around both of them. Ha!

Love this crazy kid!!! Don't look too close at us - you can tell it was awfully early. ;)

We spent the rest of Saturday fighting sleep and then decided to sleep in on Sunday morning. Nathan came in our room at 7:45 Sunday morning and I was completely out so he walked over and started brushing my face with his fingers. Scared me to death. Ha! The balloons went up on Sunday morning (of course), so we hopped in the car and drove to a good spot in town to watch them.

Again, don't look too closely. ;) We were driving along and saw this balloon had landed in the parking lot of a community center, so we pulled over and decided to watch it be taken down.

The pilot was SO sweet. He invited all the kids watching to come get their pictures taken and help with the balloon. So fun! It nearly made up for Saturday morning. ;)


Nathan was a little freaked out by how loud the burners were at first.

They laid the balloon down and all the parents and kids got to help the crew pull it down and empty out all the air.

It didn't take Nathan too long to warm up. Don't you love the jammies and slippers?? Ha! :)

I love how the dads are having just as much (or more!) fun as the kids!!

Cute little guy in the balloon basket - so fun!! :)

We went back to a balloon glow on Sunday night. We got there early and watched the gas balloons launch for their race. Everyone was able to go except for Caleb.

We saw our dear friends Jamie and Julia!! :) No idea what is going on with Nathan's smile. ;)

Nathan spent the majority of the time waiting for the balloons to inflate by tackling Cayce. Love this picture. :)

Gammy love. :)

They're going up!! See Spider-Pig in the background??

I adore my grandmother. :)

Good thing they helped get that balloon off the ground.... ;)

My cutie.

There were probably a hundred balloons that lit up that night and everyone counts down and then all the pilots hit the propane at the same time so they glow. Nathan LOVED that. He's still shouting "FREE...TWO...ONE.... FIIIIIRRRREEEE!!" Ha! He and Pops liked to get their hands all warmed up.

Poor kid is right in the middle of a big football rivalry. I'd have that expression too. ;)

Everyone else left before the fireworks, but Jon and I believe in getting there two hours early and then staying until everyone is locking up. ;) Nathan LOVED the fireworks. He told us right before they started that "Nennon was hungry" and he wanted ice cream. We settled on mini doughnuts since it was getting chilly out.

I think Nathan's expression is hilarious. Ha! ;) A little excitement, a little terror??

What a wonderful weekend! Welcome fall!!! :)
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