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Two Year Old Appointment

Yesterday, we finally had Nathan's two-year checkup. So thankful for our healthy boy! He's now 37.5 inches tall (96th percentile - good gracious, I think we need to look into basketball), weighs 30.5 pounds (74th percentile - finally catching up on weight!) and he still has a gigantic head (93rd percentile. The C-section is very obvious now).

Big boy!!

He had to get his last shot until he turns four years old and he did great. Nothing like his earlier dramatics when it came to shots, he barely winced. Then he told the nurse, "Dank you for the band-aid. Dank you for the poke." She was like, "Did he really just thank me for the shot?"

I think he was more excited about the sucker that was coming along with it.

He's getting one of his two-year molars and his pediatrician said that could easily be why he's suddenly started getting up in the middle of the night. It might be what's waking him up. So, I've been giving him Tylenol before bedtime and it seems to help a little bit. Poor kid.

We also got to see my dear, dear friend Shannon who is in town visiting her future in-laws with her fiance Eric this week. Finally got to meet him last night! Shannon is the first person who ever took me to Starbucks, so a lot of my life now is due to her. :) Love her so much! I'm excited to get to know Eric better as well.

And Nathan decided to take up modeling. Someone had a big crush on Shannon last night. He came into tell us goodnight last night and said, "I need to give Shannon a big kiss." I guess I need to teach him to start checking left hands before falling in love. ;)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
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