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Sitting still is hard to do.

Last weekend, Nathan and I accidentally attended a library storytime.

I'm not even kidding about the accidentally. We went to the library to get me a new card since mine apparently decided it was old and didn't want to be of service anymore. They had me go fill out the paperwork for a new card and since I had a kid who was busy trying to dismantle the checkout scanner, offered to let me sit in the children's section while I was doing it.

Where about 25 kids gathered as I was writing down my name and address. All of the kids quietly came in, sat down on these little chairs and risers, quietly read these cute little books while Nathan ran around saying, "THIS IS FUN! WOW, WOOK AT DIS BOOK, MOM!"

I turned in my paperwork and the librarian told us that storytime started in five minutes and it was SO fun and Nathan would just LOVE it and so of course I felt pressured to stay and watch my child single-handedly destroy the calm, sweet weekly routine.

Honestly, it wasn't that bad. He did run circles through some of it and he did jump off the risers at least four times, but I only had to pull my whispering, "if you do THAT one more time..." threat only twice. ;)

I think we will be going back. As much fun as it is for me to be "That Mom" with the crazy child, it's good for him to learn how to sit still and I'm not sure that he'll learn it without practicing.


We had some dear friends in town again this weekend (this fall has so many of my sweet family and friends coming to visit! I love it!), so Nathan got to get dressed up for dinner and model for us:

Bless his heart, he just hates the camera and being the center of attention.

We went over to Gammy and Pops' house this weekend. Nathan wore Jon's Vikings jersey from when Jon was a kid to their house. Pops called Nathan back into his room and when Nathan came out a few minutes later, he was wearing pads under the jersey and a helmet. SO CUTE. We were so surprised!! I'm pretty sure Jon teared up. ;) Nathan said, "I'm a football player now!" So, of course, he and Pops had to play:

He's been getting one of his two year-old molars, which has just made him cranky, snotty and very prone to diaper rashes, and we started noticing an occasional throaty cough Friday night. By Saturday night, he was having a hard time sleeping because of it and so we had to skip church yesterday and Lunch Bunch today. I'm fairly certain it's related to the tooth coming in, but better to be safe. We made the best of it this morning - Gammy came over and then we met Cayce at Chick-fil-a for lunch. I figure, they wash the tables and highchairs down anyway, so better to go there than to go see our friends and share our potential germs with them. Gammy and Cayce don't usually gnaw on things after Nathan has. ;)

Also, our dear friend Sarah, who took our wedding pictures and lots of pictures for us since then, sent me the link to a blog post she wrote with the newest pictures she took of my little family! Her words made me cry - she is so wonderful. I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures!! :)

Hope you all had a great weekend!
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