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There has been a lot of drama in my house lately.

First off, my sweet Nater Tot has a cold. Which, obviously, means he should be walking around like this the entire time he's awake:

I'm all about not sharing sick germs.

Second, yesterday I made this delicious green chile stew. Two hours after dicing the green chile, chicken and potatoes, putting everything in the Crock Pot, and putting my son down to sleep, my eye itched, so I rubbed it with my knuckle.

Cue immediate burning. I ran to the bathroom, took out my contacts and thought I had burned my eyes. It stung so bad - I've never had my eyes feel that way before. Then my hands started burning. I spent the next four hours trying everything I could think of to get the residual green chile oil off my hands - soap, oil, Dawn, vinegar, milk. A friend told me to try coating them in a baking soda paste, which finally helped at 7PM last night. And the green chile oil got all over my contacts, so I had to toss them. Which is bad, because that means I've been wearing my glasses which are almost 10 years old.

I feel like I need to send out some kind of text message alert to all drivers when I've recently been behind the wheel with my glasses on.

Add in waking Nathan up two hours early for an appointment I had this morning, waiting an hour and a half for the appointment, a subsequently very grouchy two year old leading to a grouchy mommy, my eye doctor leaving work before he wrote my contact prescription (after giving me a terrible, awful trial pair that made my eyes hurt) and it's just been one of THOSE days.

After the miscarriage, it has taken me a long time to admit to having a bad day on here. I assume it's because my standard of "bad days" has changed so dramatically - after all, what can really compare to the loss of my baby? It's also taken me a long time to realize that Jesus hasn't stopped caring about the little things because of our loss. My perspective has changed but life still continues.

Hangnails and all.

I have so much more to learn.
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