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Night Away

Last Friday, I surprised Jon with a night away!!

When he got home from school, Mom and Dad had already picked Nathan up and I had a note taped to the garage door that said to keep his eyes closed. I led him out to the car and then drove him to one of the nicer hotels here. ;)

We had SO much fun! We went out to dinner at one of our favorite places, St. Clair's Winery.

In the morning, we had breakfast in bed! It was so fun! I've never had breakfast in bed before. ;) We also MAY have gone to Starbucks once or twice (hey, Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back and I was definitely off the endo diet Friday and Saturday). ;)

I love this guy. Just a little bit.

I am so thankful for my parents taking care of Nathan! He had a fantastic time - he even got to help Pops make pancakes that morning. ;) He gets spoiled rotten while he's there. I doubt he was very excited to come back home. :)

We went back to my parents' house about one o'clock and then hung out there the rest of the afternoon watching college football. Someone woke up very happy from their nap and had this to say:

Go Lobos from Erynn Mangum on Vimeo.

I think there might have been some sugar consumed at Gammy and Pops' this weekend. ;) Saturday night, we went to a party celebrating my dear friend Shannon and her fiance Eric's engagement.

What a wonderful weekend! Hope you all had a great one as well!
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