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I've done a post like this before, but he is saying SO much now and I just want to remember it!

We passed some sheep while we were in the car and he said, "Oh, they eat the gwass! Gwass yucky. They would wike Oreos."

I wasn't driving the way that he wanted me to go, apparently, so he started yelling from the backseat, "No, no, no, no, Mommy! Get out! Nennon dwive." I said, "No, Mommy is going to drive. We have to go to Walmart." He said, "But Nennon want to dwive." I said, "Where does Nathan want to drive?" He said, "The beeball game."

Along with "ownwy' (only), his other new favorite word is "realwee" (really). I sneezed in a grocery store and he yelled, "BWESS YOU, MOM!! You sneeze realwee, realwee, realwee, realwee hard!"

This one pretty much made me cry. I've shown y'all the mom's necklace that my mom got for me when I was pregnant with Nathan. We got a little charm on it for the little one we lost and Nathan loves to point to his charm and the "bruber sister" charm. One day I was holding him while he was looking at my necklace and he said, "Bruber sister in a castle now, Mom." No idea where he came up with that, but I absolutely loved it.

We got him new shoes and when he opened the box, he gasped and said, "MOM. Deese are BEEBALL SHOES!" Ha!

Lately, he's been running through the house with his baseball helmet on and his football yelling, "FOOTBALL SEASON!" I guess Jon or I casually mentioned one time that it was football season and he ran with it.

We have to be SO careful what we say now! Jon was dialing a number on his phone last weekend and Nathan walked over, glanced at the phone and said, "What the heck??!! It Dr. Cwago!" I am about 96% percent I've never said "what the heck" around him. He repeats EVERYTHING he hears from anywhere!! Makes me scared to take him to another baseball game with how many cuss words we heard the one time we went!

If ever you try to throw him a baseball while you are sitting on the floor or the couch, he'll come over and say, "No, no, no, no. Get up. Stand up. Stand up, Mom." If he wants you to stay here you are while he runs to get a toy, he'll hold both hands up and say, "Day der, Mom. Stay der. Don't move. Don't move, Mommy." I have no idea where he gets his bossiness from. ;) We are working on it.

For a while, he went through a phase where he loved saying, "bless you". Anytime we would pass anyone in the store or we would leave someone in a room, he would look at them and say, "Bwess you. Bwess you, Guy." We got some very interesting looks from people. Ha!

He has no concept that other people can hear him. We'll be walking somewhere and he will loudly proclaim, "HEY! HEY MOM! SEE DAT GUY?? SEE DAT GUY, MOM? HE HAVE GUM?? HE HAVE GUM, MOM!" Or worse.... "SHE HAVE BABY IN HWER TUMMY!" Luckily, he has been right so far. I have nightmares about the day coming when he's wrong.

He's so fun and SO exhausting!
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